Good Companies Grow No Matter What

Every business demands growth, and double-digit growth is the dream of every dedicated business owner, even when lackluster results show up at quarter’s end. Most entrepreneurial business owners need a guide to navigate their way toward substantial, sustainable growth.  It can be done even in a slow economy as demonstrated by such companies as Harley… Continue reading Good Companies Grow No Matter What

Is Franchising Your Bag?

Are you wondering what the hottest franchising trends are?  Much of the recent success in that area is traceable to two demographic trends: Americans are getting older and feeling pressed for time.  Doesn’t sound too bright, but it means booming business in franchising circles. Now I am by no means a Franchise Guru.  I’ve never… Continue reading Is Franchising Your Bag?

Tricks of the Trade

OBTAINING FREE ADVERTISING! 1..  Advertising Specials:  If a magazine offers a “two for one” deal, or a “pay for 3 and get a fourth ad free”, take advantage of it; it’s Free Advertising! 2.  Free Listings:  Some publications offer to list your name and address Free, if you have something that you offer “free for… Continue reading Tricks of the Trade